Fee & Scholarship

[Class XI + Foundation Courses for JEE Main]


Total Fee
Basic Fee
Ist Instalment
2nd Instalment


Criteria for AIEEE Courses Foundation
Based on Performance in class 10th or 12th
Any Board-X [Top 15 Merits students] 60%
First Ten District Toppers of any State Board Only Class- X 40%
10th Marks >=  95% aggregate OR A1 grade without star in all subjects[1] 40%
10th Marks >=  90% aggregate OR equivalent %age (in CBSE)[2] 20%
10th Marks >=  85% aggregate OR equivalent %age (in CBSE) [2]
10th Marks >=  80% aggregate OR equivalent %age (in CBSE) [2]
Based on Performance in JEE Main/ JEE Advance /  NTSE /  STSE / KVPY / Olympiad etc
Stage-2 qualified in NTSE, KVPY, IJSO[3], Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Astronomy Olympiad 75% + USSP
Stage -1 qualified in NTSE, KVPY, IJSO, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Astronomy Olympiads 50%
Old students of CP and Other Institute
Student taken coaching for one or more years in past from any institute  20%
Pre-Foundation to Foundation Course moving CP students (based on performance in the internal tests) upto 70%
Other Criteria
Wards of Defense / Police/BSF  Personnel Currently in Service  20%
Two or more real brother/sister studying in CP in the same session (to each child) 20%
Real brother/sister of old CP Student 20%
Based on performance in Admission cum Scholarship Test
CP SAT (Spot Test)
(Career Point Scholarship & Admission Test)
Upto 90%
CP-STAR (CP Scholarship Test for Admission and Reward) Upto 100%
UDAAN (Zero CBSE School Fee) Exam Upto 100%

Note :
1.) Study Support Rebate is applicable only on Coaching Fee.
2.) Student can avail scholarship in one criterion only (Whichever is higher).
3.) Student eligible for scholarship is required to produce supporting documents in original at the time of admission/reporting for verification.